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Marco Giordano

14/04/2017 - 22/04/2017

The way we perceive our environment has an influence on our mood and thoughts on a daily basis. These perceptions often move and carry us away, and we find ourselves removed from a rational vision of the world.

By opening ourselves to that state of mind, we manage to read deeper into the persons and elements that surround us. However, the risk of being influenced is high, and often merely consequential. We may loose contact with reality – start to have thoughts that are no longer rooted into these original perceptions we experienced in the first place.

This shifts into an abstract experience: we are more empathetic, further connected to our environment and the persons that surround us. Thanks to them, certain aspects that were vague and nebulous when approached with logic, become comprehensible.

Everything emerges from a swarm, something that beats under the skin; meaning slowly arises.
Text by Claudio Giordano


Marco Giordano (born in Turin, 1988) lives and works in Glasgow. Previous exhibitions include, The gap between the fridge and the cooker, The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2017); asnatureintended, Frutta, Rome (2016); Gabriella Boyd and Marco Giordano, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow International (2016); Openitup, Voidoid Archive, Glasgow (2015). Upcoming exhibitions include, Self-Fulfilling-Ego, Jupiter Artland, 2017.