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Daddy in the Algorithm

Conor Kelly

26/01/2017 - 26/02/2017

Conor Kelly -Daddy in the Algorithm – Queens Park Railway Club


Queens Park Railway Club are delighted to present Daddy in the Algorithm, an exhibition by Glasgow based artist Conor Kelly.
In this exhibition Kelly investigates themes of disruption, disputed territory, taxonomies and the mechanisms of contemporary art. Using a broad range of materials Kelly has created a self-referential vocabulary drawing from his research into the phenomenon of pareidolia where meaning and pattern are projected onto chaotic and random events and objects.
Kelly uses this process to create a disjointed personal archaeology while challenging conventions of picture making. Elements of this vocabulary contain references to bureaucracy and the structures of middle management. The disruption of systems and the interrogation of their authenticity are key themes that run throughout this collection of work.
This show will conclude with a performance in the gallery by Glasgow based artist Dan Monks on Saturday 25th February at 7pm.
Queens Park Railway Club exists to support and develop the work of artists who seek to create new ways of interrogating and understanding the world. We consistently bring work to the public that challenge definitions and expectations of contemporary art.