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Standing on the Deep End

Alexander Glass

21/10/2016 - 02/11/2016



A towel falls, a body emerges from steam and drips over the impermeable floor…

Through his sculptural installations, Alexander Glass explores the separation between images and reality in spaces commonly associated with the potent male body. In scenarios which first appear seductive and idyllic, Glass reveals their implied horrific potential with traces of violence and catastrophe.

The swimming pool, the gym, and the locker-room showers are frequently used as legitimising scenarios for the cinematic lens to objectify the male body. Whilst these spaces symbolise physical strength and beauty, they also leave the subject exposed within their sterility; a sterility which is precarious and constantly vulnerable to corruption through the arrival of an abject material. Glass’ work explores the distance between the erotic and horrific through re-presentation of common cinematic tropes of seduction and the physical imagery that is inseparable from them. Familiar objects and images of desire become distorted through subverted materials and insinuated intention.

…the glass smashes, limbs freeze and the fluid runs thick.